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The Christian journey has been described as a long obedience in the same direction, and we believe this to be true. As our name suggests, we don't want to be a fire that burns bright and hot for only a short time, but rather one that burns faithfully through the night. Wherever you are on your journey of following Christ, we're glad you're here.

Kindle is a non-denominational Bible church founded in 2012 that exists to fulfill the great commission of making disciples. In pursuing this mission, we are guided by five biblical values that significantly shape our church culture and philosophy of ministry...


From budgets and ministry schedules to worship services and even this website, we strive to keep things simple so that we don't lose sight of Jesus (Matthew 6:33). We ask people to do three main things: attend faithfully, participate in a Bible study group, and serve in a ministry when needs arise.


We believe the church is the Body of Christ and that everyone has a role to play (Romans 12:4-8). We are each called to get in the game, not just watch from the stands.


We seek to function like a church family, emphasizing spiritual health over numerical growth. We believe that a church should be a group of people who are devoted to each other (Acts 2:42), not just a place to go on Sundays.

Spirit & Truth

We believe that the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth (John 16:13), therefore, we seek to pursue the fullness of both in a culture that usually emphasizes one or the other.


We desire to grow deep in our relationships with God and each other, cultivating a faith that is accompanied by action (James 2:17). Our primary sermon series format is teaching through books of the Bible. Likewise, our Bible studies are designed to help people connect with one another with God's word as the focus.


What to Expect...

Our services last from 10-11:15am and consist of times of worship and prayer, a longer-than-normal connection break (during which time our elementary students are dismissed to their classes), and a 30-35 minute sermon. We take communion about once a month.

We offer children's ministry for kids ages birth-5th grade. Our middle school ministry (6th-8th) meets every other Sunday morning during the message, and our high school ministry (9th-12th) meets every other Sunday night in a leader's home. We also offer mid-week Bible study groups for adults.

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Sundays at 10am

7361 Moorsbridge Rd. Portage, MI 49024